Monday, March 28, 2011

Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar

March 19, Saturday, bright and early, 50 plus people converged at the Rosewood
Pointe Conference Room for the Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar. Here's a
recap of my experience:

Getting to Rosewood Pointe was quite easy. I took a bus to the MRT Ayala
stop. Got off then hopped on to a cab that took me to Rosewood Pointe.
Thankfully most cabbies queued in that area already know how to get to
Rosewood Pointe. No worries about getting lost along the way.

When I arrived, the friendly staff handed me my i.d. and my morning snack.
I grabbed a seat and chatted with the people around. The seminar officially
started at 9am. Great! Thumbs up for starting on time.

The Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar had info info info! Basically, Jomar
shared the different ways by which people can earn online. He talked about
how others were doing it and how we could do it ourselves. Jomar also invited
Jay of Foreclosure Philippines and Sha Nacino of Think Rich Yuppies to share
their success stories with us. I'll keep it at that as I don't want to spoil things
for future seminar attendees.

The low point of the seminar? I'd say the few mosquitoes that were hovering
in the venue.

Overall, it was a great seminar that I will recommend to others. Content packed
seminar, check. Nice venue, check. Good lunch and snacks, check. Efficient
organizers, check. Seminar materials emailed as promised, check. Need I say

Here's a bonus, the seminar doesn't just end there. Jomar cooked up a contest,
My Online Wealth Breakthrough Moment, as a follow through activity for the
seminar. So excited! More on that in my next post…

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